Before The Bounce

Join Australia’s basketball legend Phil Smyth and AFL Superstar Greg Anderson every week as they bring you the latest news, opinion, special guests and entertainment.

Yes, the boys bring the latest news but the focus is on past and present stars of the game with plenty of humour, wisdom and stories that maybe haven’t been heard before.

From the AFL, SANFL right across all the country leagues in SA Phil & Ando will find information that all footy fans will love. The segment, GAME OF THE STATE, is also open to requests from leagues to promote their club, functions and players.

If you want an action packed footy show with some very funny guests and segments and covering all leagues you can’t miss watching BEFORE THE BOUNCE.

Before the Bounce S2 EP15. Join the General & Ando discuss Trade Talk, coaching movements and local footy. Malcolm Blight is this week's Legend In My Own Time as a reminder of the superstar's talents.
Before the Bounce S2 EP13. Rachel Lawrie, Ray White North Adelaide hosts The General & Ando on the couch this week. Plenty of discussion and fun and Rick Davies features in the popular segment A League Of Their Own
Before the Bounce S2 EP12. The General is back from suspension and joins Ando at the desk. The boys cover the big stories and don't miss "There's no show without Ando"
Before the Bounce S2 EP11. Ando sits in the hosts chair but his career is put to the test and he struggles to justify a few accusations. A crazy Port supporter is the first to be part of The Great Payoff, where she actually bet that Port could beat St. Kilda and pays the penalty!
Before the Bounce S2 E10. The General and Ando discuss all the hot topics plus Ando puts the heat on Phil with his well name segment "There's no show with Ando". Russell Ebert is the superstar on Phil's segment "In a League of My Own"
Before the Bounce S2 E9. The General & Ando are back with another episode of footy talk. Player salaries are on the agenda and the Crows continue to steal the limelight.
Before the Bounce S2 E8. Ando & The General combine footy intel with a bit of fun. Ando introduces his cleverly named new segment and the boys cover the Southern Footy League in the segment "Game of the State"!
Before the Bounce S2 E7. Baz Curtin and Tommy Javor come off the interchange bench. Baz takes aim at the Crows and Tommy attempts to be serious ...
Before the Bounce S2 E6. The General & Ando discuss the Crows form and where Port went wrong against Brisbane
Before The Bounce S2 E5 - One of SA's best father/son stories where Steven and Billy Stretch join Phil Smyth & Greg Anderson at the desk.
Before The Bounce S2 E4 - Phil & Ando talk footy with Stephen "Bomber" Clifford
Before The Bounce S2 E3 - The hot Andrew McLeod issue discussed in length by Phil & Ando